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Winamp Classic

Winamp Classic Full 2.95

Free music and video player for personal computers

Winamp Classic is a free software package that provides the same playback capabilities as this iconic brand. Many standard tools are available and it is possible to customize its layout depending upon unique user settings. It is quite easy to work with and thanks to this simple layout, it can be perfect for those who have been looking for a simplified media player.

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    by DON POWER

    i like this software it wonderful i love it so much. anybody could use it ypoung and old

  • Bernard Hall

    by Bernard Hall

    Have not used for sometime but being 85 years I found it to be able to do everything ai wanted when playing music discs, particular to Karaoke.

  • Mick Jagger

    by Mick Jagger

    Its the best. Time to read this if it mentions the "About this program" front. Laterz. x x x.

  • Pattabi reddi

    by Pattabi reddi

    very nice player for all time it best is best for easy management of play list

  • Amit Kummar

    by Amit Kummar

    I have been using this app as my media player since I was still in junior school and it still surprises me how this software is still functional up until now. I just wished that the developer could develop this software more and make this in trend because I'm sure it could surpass all other famous media player out there.

  • Janine Burke

    by Janine Burke

    Believe it or not, I still have this Winamp Classic media player software in my Windows 8 computer system. I really love everything about this software. From its extraordinary features to its customizable video, audio and layout options. This simple media player comes with a very handy and user-friendly interface.

  • Mario DaSilva

    by Mario DaSilva

    Winamp Classic is still the best audio and video player for me! Mainly because I really love that I can simply personalize its appearance to whatever design that I find really attractive. I really prefer using this media player because it provides high-quality video and audio at a free price.

  • Chloe Baker

    by Chloe Baker

    Winamp Classic is a very good alternative for VLC Media Player. It is also a very stable platform to play audio and certain video files. This software can be used to Apple-based software which is a very unique feature for a video and audio player. I highly recommend this software!

  • by Anonymous

    Hopeless. Not working on my machine. don`t know why! I hope it would be more attractive than this!! Cons: Resize. lack of potensiall

  • by Anonymous

    Best Player Ever Created.. If you looking for a simple and light audio player, this program are the best choice. Pros: Simple and Easy